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Spongelle – Read before you buy

I’ve made contributions to groups that aid the war effort in Ukraine and the refugees. A number of my purchases have contributed to a large percentage of their purchase price. Just learned of another win-win collaboration.

Spongelle introduces Sunflower Dreams a bright yellow body buffer in the shape of a sunflower, packaged with blue and yellow colors, which are the Ukrainian flag’s colours.

Spongelle -  Read before you buy

You may already know that the sunflower, Ukraine’s National Flower, is a symbol for hope, optimism, and happiness. Body buffers that are also in the shape of the sun serve to remind us the value of peace and love.

Sunflower Dreams is a fragrance that’s perfect for the summer.

  • Top: Bitter Orange
  • Middle: Orris, Jasmine, Orange Flower
  • Base: Rosewood, Vanilla Marshmallow.

This sounds absolutely delightful!

You’ll enjoy the following features if you haven’t already:

  • Built-In Body Wash + Buffer
  • Multi-Function and Multi-Use. 14+ uses
  • The All-in-One Beauty Treatment
  • Yuzu, Edelweiss & Vetiver Extracts
  • Lather Time Release
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free
  • Exclusive Infusion Technology
  • Travelling with a good attitude
  • Includes hanging ribbon
  • Gift boxes

Plus, the exfoliating scrub is fun!

Spongelle & Save the Children Collaboration

Spongelle -  Read before you buy

Spongelle’s new Sunflower Dreams is a great way to support Save the Children. This organization is dedicated to providing assistance for the more than 200 million Ukrainian children who live in conflict-affected areas. Save the Children will receive 75% of the sale of every Sunflower Dreams Body Buffer. As a special thank-you, each Sunflower Dreams body buffer comes with an freesunflower wristband in Ukrainian yellow and blue ribbons.

Spongelle’s collaboration with Save the Children, which continues to displace more children and families in Ukraine, is an innovative way for you to help. You can get a beautiful bath and body product as well as a fun summer bracelet that will make a great gift or treat. We hope you’ll consider participating.

Key Ingredients: glycerin, water, fragrance, yuzu extract, edelweiss extract, vetiver root extract

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