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Neptune Natural Sea Soft Silk Sponge

Even though I use the FOREO Mini 3 quite often (reviewed Here), it is still necessary to have something that will remove masks and cleansers. Natural sea silk sponges are my favorite.

When Jeff and me were vacationing in Barcelona many years ago, I purchased a small bag of sea sponges from an old corner pharmacy. The sponges I bought were too scratchy to be used on my skin. They are still in my possession as a souvenir of our trip but I can’t use them on my face. Now I only buy sponges labeled as “silk”.

The sponge that I’ve been using over the past few months was ready to be composted. To clean your sponge, you can soak it in baking soda water mixture.

On Amazon, I searched for an alternative and found Neptune Naturals sea silk sponges for cosmetic use, facial cleansing. I was sure that it would be for face cleansing and not body cleaning or art. Neptune’s sponges are available in several options.

The Neptune Sea Silk Sponges 2-3 inch Two Pack was $8.49.

Neptune Natural Sea Soft Silk Sponge

To date, I’ve only used one sponge. The sponge is the perfect size, and it’s very soft. This brand is one I will buy again.

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