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My Skincare Routine for Clear Skin at Any Age

Anyone can get maskne, or acne from wearing a facemask for long periods. It doesn’t matter if you have a dry or oily skin. I have very dry skin, particularly in the winter. However, this has not prevented me from getting a blemish when wearing a face mask.

It’s no secret that I like to go on long hikes and walks with my friends. After huffing, puffing, for about an hour, I was soaked and so were my masks. Ugh.

My Skincare Routine for Clear Skin at Any Age

It’s not always easy to get myself to use cleanser as soon as I arrive home.

Last week I got a pimple under the left eye mask, just beneath where it sits. Boo!

I grabbed my trusted tube of Reversion Spot Treatement PM. (Reviewed Here) The benzoyl-peroxide content is high, which makes it effective at removing blemishes. The pimple almost disappeared after I used it twice in two days. Theraderm’s Reversion Spot Therapy PM can be found on the Theraderm Website.

Recenty, I was sent a package of five Patchology The Good Fight Preventing Blemish Mini Masks. Patchology’s website suggests that Patchology Moodmask the Good Fight Blush Preventing mini masks were originally designed for teenagers to help them deal with hormonal acne. The Good Fight Blush Preventing Masks are now a target for everyone, not just those who use masks.

Tea tree, willow bark and peppermint extracts fight bacteria that clog pores and cause acne.

My Skincare Routine for Clear Skin at Any Age

Mini Masks come in a small size. It is not a sheet mask for the whole face, but an X-shaped mask you can use to target specific areas. The mini-mask was used in this area because I still have a little mark where the blemish that occurred recently was. It covered the majority of my left side. It is almost transparent and so light that it’s hard to see on my skin.

The serum was still in the pouch, so I sucked it out and used that on the rest of my skin. The mask should be left on for at least 10 minutes. The mask has a cooling effect (I didn’t know it contained peppermint! It is also gentle. The serum absorbed nicely after I had removed the mask.

My Skincare Routine for Clear Skin at Any Age

Patchology’s The Good Fight Blemish-Preventing Mini Masks can be purchased individually or as a 5-pack on their website, as well at Ulta and They are also available in Bloomingdale’s Macy’s Bigelow.

Ingredients: water,glycerin,dipropylene, glycol,1,2-hexanol (hexane), mentha (peppermint), camellia Sinensis (willow bark) extract, mentha alternifolia leaf (tea-tree) extract, sodium polyacrylate,butylene glycol,glycereth 26,glycereth styrate, dimethicon

My Skincare Routine for Clear Skin at Any Age

With Theraderm Spot Treatment, Patchology Mini Masks and Patchology’s Good Fight Masks I hope to eliminate all maskne. Patchology Good Fight is what I hope will do to help me keep my face clear from new breakouts after wearing the mask while working out for several hours.

Maskne has already hit you? What do you plan to do if Maskne hits you?

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