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Ardell Easy to Apply Magnetic Liner & Lashes Accent Size

Most false lashes are difficult to apply. Most false lashes also are too large for my eyes and I need to trim them. Because of this, I rarely wear false lashes.

Ardell Easy to Apply Magnetic Liner & Lashes Accent Size

Ardell’s Magnetic Liner & Lash (2nd Version with Magnetic Eyeliner), which I reviewed a few months ago here, has been a game-changer for me. The first pair I bought, Wispies were too long and didn’t fit my eye shape or size. They would probably be perfect for you! The lashes are magnetized, so I didn’t want to cut them or remove one of the magnets.

Ardell has Accent size, which is the type of lashes that emphasizes a cat-eye look with shorter lashes on the inner end and longer ones at the outer in “fan” shapes. Two weeks ago I found Accent at CVS.

The Ardell Magnetic Lash & Liner works by first applying the Magnetic Gel Liner (included), and then adding the magnetic lashes to the top. The gel liner works so well and is easy to use, even with the small slant brush that comes included, I wear it without false lashes sometimes!

What are they? The magnets somehow stick to the eyeliner. The magnetic lashes are so much easier to use than regular false eyelashes, or Ardell’s original magnetic lashes which came with two lashes sandwiching your own eyelashes. The new magnetic lashes can be easily removed at the end of an evening and placed back in their box until next time. It is much easier to remove magnetic lashes than glue-on lashes.

When I’m not feeling energetic, I’ll use my Good Jane’s Mirror. (Makes an excellent holiday gift. review here.

The Ardell Magnetic Liner & Lashes can be applied almost as quickly with a mirror on the table. I could not do this with normal false lashes.

Ardell Easy to Apply Magnetic Liner & Lashes Accent Size

The Ardell Accent Magnet Liner and Lash is almost the full size for me because I think my eyes are smaller (I didn’t realize that). Nevertheless, they seem to work.

Ardell Easy to Apply Magnetic Liner & Lashes Accent Size

The only thing I would change is the length of these false lashes and any other fake lashes (the individual lashes). I look like my eyelids have wings!

In suburban Boston where I live, so few women use makeup. I think I’m a bit out of place when I wear fake lashes because they are long and fluttery. Because they’re so beautifully curled and beautiful, I am afraid to cut them. The accent lashes were almost what I was going to wear to the holiday party in the synagogue on Saturday, but I decided against it. In the end I believe I made the correct decision to not wear them. It’s not enough to just wear them in my home, LOL. I want to have an occasion that is festive for me, so I can put them on again. Maybe New Year’s Eve?

As mentioned previously, I purchased my Ardell magnetic liner and lashes, Accent style, from CVS, when there was a large display in my local store. It has now disappeared. My first Wispies were purchased at Ulta. The MSRP for both is $15. I can’t recall what I paid because I bought them with coupons.

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