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Moodzee Reviews

After my cataract surgery, which made me far-sighted rather than near-sighted I have become the opposite of Mr. Magoo. Because I cannot see clearly or read, I make mistakes with things. This can lead to some amusing situations.

Conscious Beauty Collective

Moodzee Reviews

Early in the autumn I was sent a generous package by the people at Conscious Beauty Collective, to help promote the holiday pop-up shop at Natick Mall. It’s a shame I didn’t make it there (I regret that), because it would have taken me about 4 hours to drive round-trip in the horrendous traffic along routes 128 and95. Conscious Beauty Collective, however, is an excellent designation you will see on many products sold by Sephora and Ulta.

In spite of never visiting the shop in person, I’ve been reviewing and using the Conscious Beauty Collective products. They are great and I love them.

Moodzee Performance Boost Trio

Moodzee Reviews

The box I received from CBC in September was filled with goodies. One of them caught my attention. This round box has a smiley face at the top and is called Performance Trio. It’s a great eye-catcher.

In September I received a box containing three cute, capsule-shaped bottles. For some reason I thought they were facial serums.

On Saturday I took out one of them – I believe it was the silver one. I then unscrewed its top and revealed a dispenser for roller balls.

On the basis of their small size and roll-top top, I assumed that they were travel or portable size facial serums. It’s hard to explain why I believed that. Especially because the little containers labeled Drive are the same size as the little containers called Moodzee. Focus. Reach. Then I rolled “Focus”, all over my body. It was a very pleasant smell.

It was only Sunday evening that I realized the little bottles contained aromatherapy oils. Duh. “Moodzee”. Thus, Drive. Focus. Reach.


Moodzee Reviews Moodzee Reviews Moodzee Reviews

After learning that I had to replace my water heater (three weeks later after buying a refrigerator), i needed aromatherapy. Today I grabbed drive, that little black bottle which is meant to make me confident and motivated. Now I’m determined to not freak out if I receive a plumber bill that is more than $2,000.

It was a good choice to go with Drive. I like it. The scent is woody and spicy with a touch of sweetness. It’s very nice. It was very nice. I used it on my wrist and the tip of my nostril.

This is a combination between Chakra 1(Root) and Chakra 3(Solar Plexus), two energy points within the body. Drive is supposed to calm me because I feel stressed a lot and it shows up in my gastrointestinal tract.

My favorites are juniper and patchouli. Essential oils suspended in unscented jojoba carrier oil.


Moodzee Reviews

The silver capsule is meant to make one feel grounded and centered. The silver capsule is supposed to help one feel grounded and centered.

It is a combination of herbs and citrus that helps you concentrate on the task. The focus is bright, uplifting. The notes are bergamote, lemon, grapefruit tulsi cardamom rosemary and lime. This is a fresh, bright scent. It seems to be the perfect way to begin your day.

This blend contains scents which affect Chakra 2 and Chakra 3 of the Solar Plexus.


Moodzee Reviews

The gold capsule is reach. The capsule is meant to make you more outgoing and aligned. Next time I go to a social gathering or party, I’ll use this! The description says “cool and aromatic”, however, to me it smells licorice. I think this is because the fennel. It is really good.

Reach is a blend of frankincense (hyssop), eucalyptus, fennel, cypress, lavender, fir, frankincense, laurel, and cypress. It may be best to use it if you have headaches because it is a Chakra 6 (Third Eye), and Chakra 7 (Crown) oil.

Moodzee Trio Performance Boost: Additional Information

Moodzee Reviews

All Moodzee Products are vegan, organic and free of animal cruelty.

You can purchase each of the capsules individually at $22. Each capsule contains 10 ml/0.38fl. oz. The Trio Performance Boost is $55 and contains three blends of essential oils.

The portable Moodzee Capsules are available in all of the individual notes found in the Trio, including lime, eucalyptus and ginger. The capsules come with rollerballs for some of the oils, and several are in dropper bottles. Single scent notes cost $18.

The containers can be kept in any pocket, bag, backpack, briefcase or anywhere else. One will be in my bag so I can have it on hand whenever I need. Focus will be on my bedside table to motivate me in the morning.

The capsules are available on the ADORAtherapy website, along with the rest of the aromatherapy products and fragrances. You can find them on the ADORAtherapy Website along with the other aromatherapy products.

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