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Malibu Professional Hard Water Treatment

My colorist will give my hair the Malibu treatment every few months, before she redoes it. The Malibu treatment is a professional service that helps remove mineral deposits from my hard water when I wash my own hair. The Malibu treatment not only removes the minerals but also some color from my hair. My “new” hair color is now more vibrant and fresh.

There is also a home version, the Malibu Rehab Hard Water Well-Being. It comes in a two-pack that includes a Miracle Remedy and mineral deposits remover. The at-home treatment is not something I’ve tried because I trust Laurel at the salon to perform it. The process is a big one. She washes and dries my hair. After that, she paints the chemical remover on, then I have to sit in the hot water for half an hour. Finally, she rinses everything off. She starts with the new color after the entire process has been completed.

Malibu Hard Water Wellness shampoo and conditioner is something I’ve only recently discovered after a gazillion years. My colorist finally suggested that I try the shampoo and conditioner at my latest appointment. She didn’t suggest that I use the Malibu at-home treatment but suggested giving the shampoo and conditioners a go.

The Conditioner was out of stock, but I received it within days. I bought it at and got 30% off.

Malibu Hard Water Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner

Revive Your Hair with Malibu's Hard Water Wellness Shampoo & Conditioner

Malibu Hard Water Wellness shampoo, and conditioner are available in two sizes. 9 oz./$17 or 33.8 oz./$38. Because I had never used them, I bought the smaller size which I believe is quite large. Both products are in a set – one is the shampoo and another the conditioner.

Both products smell delightful! Orange Dreamsicle is a very mild scent. While I use it, I can smell the scent. However, it does not last after I wash my hair.

It is a clear shampoo that doesn’t foam up much. The shampoo is easy to remove.

It is thinner and whiter than the JOICO KPAK Luster Lock Instant Shine & Repair treatment that I have been using for many years.

My results

Since four weeks, I have been using Malibu Wellness Shampoo & conditioner. Prior to using the Malibu, I washed my hair every five days to avoid exposing it to minerals from my water. After using Malibu Hard Water, I’ve tried to stick to the 5 day cycle.

In the last couple of months, I have changed the rinse on my top coat to reduce the intensity of the colour. It is important to remember that.

My hair colour hasn’t faded as much, I believe. It’s difficult for me to know because red fades so quickly. I’ll ask Laurel her opinion when I have my colors done by the end next week.

This shampoo and conditioner is not my favorite. The hair does not feel as soft or shiny as when I used Olaplex No. I used JOICO KPAK Color Therapy Instant Shine & Restore Treatment and 4 Bond Maintenance shampoo. It seems like it needs to be cleaned after 5 days.

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