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Get A Natural Glow with Rose Inc. Cream Blush Divine

It was during the holidays that I tried it because I had heard it has a cream blush. I purchased a few products and received a few samples. I’ll share with you the rest of my purchases at a later date.

Rose Inc. Blush Divine

Rose Inc.’s packaging can be refilled. Although I rarely use up blush, it seemed like an excellent idea to be able to replace it.

You can use the 12 colors of Blush Divine as a lip or blush color.

  • Light cool pink Hydrangea
  • Coral pink Wisteria
  • Coral Anemone
  • Heliotrope: apricot
  • The muted peach: Delphine
  • Daylily: rich taupe
  • Foxglove: warm terracotta
  • Ophelia: true pink
  • Camellia: mauve
  • Hibiscus: bright plum
  • Azalea berry: the founder (Rosie’s favorite)
  • Dahlia: deep berry

After the fact I was able to easily use the Camera/Shade Finder.

Rose Inc. conducted a study on a smaller scale (33 participants, ages 18 to 66), where the respondents were asked to try the Blush Divine. The testers tested the Blush Divine immediately, 8 hours later, and 12-24 hours after. Results included:


It looked good and I like cream blush. It’s unlikely that I will use this as a lip color.

How does the Blush Compact look?

The blush compact has a simple design, but it is very useful. The mirror is the perfect size. The mirror is a little thick but I’m fine with it. If I carried it, I’m afraid that I would have to make room for it in my bag.

Get A Natural Glow with Rose Inc. Cream Blush Divine

Under the blush, there are either two or four holes. You use a needle to remove the previous blush and replace it with the new.

What did Rose Inc. Blush Divine do to me?

Rose Inc. The Cream Blush blush is medium-weight, high pigmented and spreads easily using a finger. You can also use a makeup sponge or brush. The blush can be built up to the desired color intensity.

Cream Blush contains Squalane and Vitamin E, which Rose Inc. claims is perfect for dry and dull skin, particularly in winter. They are absolutely right.

The study indicated that Hydrangea is the lightest, coolest pink of all the 12. I found it made my skin appear healthy, smooth and soft. The blush has stayed for a very long time. Although I rarely wear blush for more than eight hours, it seems to last quite a while. Rose Inc. Blush Divine has been a good product so far.

The Size of the Product, where to Buy it and Price

This compact contains 4.5g (0.05oz) of blush. The compact comes with a blush that is 32 dollars. It was 30% off during the holiday season, so I didn’t think it was too expensive.

Rose Inc. can be purchased on its website, Sephora or Space NK.

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