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Fillin’ Groovy Ridge Filling Nail Polish Base Coat

It was time to replace my base coat. I had a little over a third left of the thickened Seche Base I’d been using. In a recent Facebook group I saw a recommendation of Shimmer Fillin’ Groovy base Coat. This is a ridge-filling base. I decided to try it.

The Fillin’ Groovy smoothed out my nail. It looks white in the container (which I usually dislike, as it is a basecoat like Seche Base). But it’s translucent when applied. The drying time was longer than usual, but it’s okay if the product performs as well. Price: $6. Price $6.

As I had already visited the KB Shimmer site, and I knew that I could not spend more than $75 in order to receive free shipping (I was certain I would be unable to do so), I decided I’d check out some of the shades. All the Fall Things was the latest collection I’d seen and thought it would be nice to pick one up. Slay Cozy was in my basket, but I changed my mind when I saw the swatches of Leaf of Faith.

The two shades were both beautiful, but because I was limited to one I chose to choose. A classic fall holo, Slay Cozy. The KB Shimmer website describes Slay Cozy as a warm, toasty polish. This autumn polish has a warm, burnt orange hue with holographic linear pigment. It is best applied in two coats. This photo shows how beautiful this polish is.


Leaf Of Faith caught me eye.

It’s also called a fall color, but I see it as Christmas because it is so full of red and gold. But, I don’t really care what season it is. Wear whatever appeals to you whenever. Although I complain often about the difficulty I have removing glittery nail polish, I could not resist wearing this 2019 version. This is how KB Shimmer describes the polish: “The smell of baking apple pies, the crisp air and the trees displaying a kaleidoscope reds, burgundies, and golds: It’s no surprise that fall is my favourite season!” Leaf Of Faith is a tribute to all of the trees in the fall season, including the Sugar Maples and Sweetgums. The base is a deep red jelly with glitters of red, gold and orange. This polish has subtle color changes and glitters that add interest and depth. A scattering of glitters with holographic properties gives it sparkle and shine.” The 12 reviews for this color on the site were all raves.

The KB Shimmer wide brush is easy to handle. I’d say KB Shimmer ranks among my top favorite independent polish brands.

It was a good decision. I took Slay Cozy out of my basket, replaced it with Leaf Of Faith and am glad that I did. This color is so beautiful on my nails, I just can’t get enough!

It is amazing in bright sunlight or at night!

The $10 is well worth it.

My current favorite topcoat is Glisten & Glow. Price $6.99.


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