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Nimble: The Device That Paints Your Nails for You!

This morning, I’d like to share with you a beauty product that I have not tried. I’m still intrigued, so I thought that you would be too.

Recently, I received a release from a company about the launch of a new Kickstarter product named Nimble. The Nimble device paints nails for you.

The device looks like an ergonomic nail dryer. You place your hand on the comfortable ergonomic rest.

You can buy the topcoat, base coat and 13-free cruelty free polish separately. The algorithms of artificial intelligence and machine-vision are used to scan the nail using micro cameras in order to determine the size. A tiny robotic arm then paints each nail with a base coat, polish in two layers, and a topcoat. Each coat is dried by an airflow system. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete the entire process. It sounds almost like a miraculous.

For more information I visited the website of Nimble Beauty. I also encourage you to visit the site if this is something that interests you (my old MAC Air wouldn’t allow me to add more pictures or a video showing how the product works). The Kickstarter offers “Super Early Bird Pricing”. Now, the Nimble is available at a discounted price of $229 instead of its original $399. The set of three polishes is $6, instead of $10. Now I regret spending so much money at Sephora’s sale.

The downside of this is you cannot use your own nail polishes anymore (at least, not yet) and there are no multichromes or glitters. But for me it might just be worth it. My nail polish is never perfect, and I’m too lazy to use polish remover on a brush to fix my mistakes. My own manicures don’t last very long, because I do not wait enough time between coats. It’s something I have been thinking about!

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