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Support Ukraine with a Youngblood Skincare Set Purchase

Youngblood skin care sets are a great way to support Ukraine.

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

Support Ukraine with a Youngblood Skincare Set Purchase

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics are a luxurious skincare and cosmetics brand. They often fly under the radar. It is a cruelty-free brand that uses clean, healthy beauty ingredients. Even sensitive skin can use it!

Please find more information about the brand and company:

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics has created ultra-luxurious cosmetics and skin care products formulated with natural ingredients for more than two decades. Youngblood was the first to eliminate any skin-irritating materials, setting the standard of performance and quality before anyone else. The line was designed to be suitable for ALL types of skin, including the most sensitive, with a focus on pigmentation, durability, wearability and versatility. Leading dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and cosmeticians have endorsed their products.

Tropicana is my favorite cream blush. It’s a peach-colored with gold glitter. I bought it from Youngblood about 5 years ago. The product is easy to use, has a long-lasting finish, and it still looks great after five years. It’s a great addition to my Youngblood collection, and I can now try out their skincare for the very first time.

Support Ukraine Skincare Set

Support Ukraine with a Youngblood Skincare Set Purchase

One of Youngblood PR’s contacted me recently to let me know that they had created a campaign in support of Ukraine. This promotion is something I’m all for, as I support anything that supports the people of Ukraine.

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics is partnering with Americares to support the humanitarian crisis caused the war in Ukraine. To support the relief effort, Americares will donate 20% of every box’s purchase price, from now until December 31, 2022. Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics customers can make a positive impact by working with Americares.

The support Ukraine skincare Set is packaged in a box of black with ribbons that are yellow and blue, representing the Ukrainian flag. You will find the following:

  • Micellar Water With Colloidal Water Full Size
  • Hydra Luxe Water Creme (full size)
  • Petite Eye Impact Revitalizing Eye Treatment
  • Petite Daily Enzyme Exfoliant Cream

The Support Ukraine Set has a special price of $70. If purchased individually, each item would cost $126. You get great skincare products and do something nice for Ukraine.

The Support Ukraine Makeup Set is also sold out. It is expected to be available again soon.

Youngblood Glow Collection

The travel-size collection of four products is a great way to try out the . The Glow Boosting Collection was chosen because it contains antioxidants that promote radiant skin and provides an immediate boost in hydration. This winter, my skin has felt drier for some reason. I am grateful to the collection’s hyaluronic and other hydrating components.

This collection contains:

  • Micellar Water and Colloidal Water
  • Nourishing Cleaning Oil
  • Masque intensely hydrating and soothing
  • Radiance Renewal Serum

These products have a very light fragrance and are mild. The travel size containers are great for the next time I go on vacation, but the Intense Moisture and Soothing Mask is something that really works!

The Glow Boosting Collection costs $69, and can be purchased on the Youngblood Website.

Youngblood Should Not Do Lip & Cheek Duo

Support Ukraine with a Youngblood Skincare Set Purchase

The Better not Pout Lip and Cheek Duo will keep you from pouting! Both items come in a large faux leather makeup bag. It’s perfect to store makeup or travel items because the bag has a flat base and can stand up.

Sugar Plum Pressed Mineral Blush

If you’ve read NSDB, you know that I love cream makeup and especially cream blush. When I said that the Youngblood Tropicana Cream Blush was my holy grail I really meant it. I decided to try Sugar Plum Pressed mineral Blush.

The Sugar Plum Pressed Mineral Blush has a silky texture and is easy to use. It’s easy to apply with a finger. It’s also much more durable than cream blushes, which is no surprise.

Sugar Plum is very similar to Tropicana, my favorite shade. This surprised me, because the shade looks very light on my pan.

Sugar Plum is designed to compliment the Lipstick, but I felt it was made for me with its peachy flush!

Vixen Mineral Creme Lipstick

Red lipstick was a staple in my New York wardrobe. In the country, I don’t wear red lipstick as often. Red lipstick remains my favorite.

The Vixen color is neutral and true, so even redheads can rock it!

The product is easy to apply and blends in with one stroke. The lipstick is very light and pigmented. This gorgeous lip color deserves a whole lot of “verys”.

Vitamin E is added to the formula, as well as Jojoba Seed Oil. It is a light hydrator and does not dry out my lips like some of the ultra-pigmented shades can.

The feathers or blood don’t bleed. Yay! If I was going out I would use a lipliner if my lipline were uneven.

This square packaging in black and gold is luxurious and substantial. Magnetized top snaps in place. Perfect for the holidays! Vixen is what I’ll be wearing to an evening cocktail at a museum in our area on Saturday. In fact, I will wear the blush as well as the lipstick.

This is me in my hoodie because it’s cold at home, with the lipstick and blush on bare skin. No eye make-up or foundation. You can see my blush and lipstick on the bare skin! !

The Best Not Pout Lip & Cheek Duo is currently available for just $37, instead of $50. It’s an absolute steal at $37! The blush retails for $28 while the lipstick is $22 when purchased separately. The set includes a free makeup bag, and at $37 it is incredibly affordable.

The Better Not Pout Duo is a great gift idea for someone who loves red lipstick or for you to use at holiday events and parties. Visit the Youngblood Website to see it.

Last Thoughts

It’s great to see that Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics is still going and I can wear it again. You can check out the website if you aren’t familiar with this brand. Please consider both the Support Ukraine Special Sets and the regular product line.

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