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Vegamour Odyssey: Update on My experience with plant-based hair care

After 6 weeks, my hair needed a recolor. It was in desperate need of a color change.

After getting my hair color refreshed, I realized that it was time to post an update about my experience with Vegamour. Vegamour, as you might recall, sent me some of their products for “healthy scalp and hair” last fall. The GRO Biotin Gummies are delicious but expensive, so I buy them whenever they’re on sale. The Vegamour GRO shampoo and conditioner that I received is still being used because I use it only on the area of my scalp I want to grow hair.

The Vegamour hair growing journey

Last year, as I noted in an earlier review of my work, I began to notice that the hairline at my temples was receding. It’s an understatement to say I was upset by this. It’s very disturbing to me because I have always had thick, long hair.

How to Use Vegamour

I use the Vegamour Shampoo and Conditioner every five days and the GRO Vegamour Serum every night.

Vegamour Odyssey: Update on My experience with plant-based hair care

In mid-December, I began using Vegamour Serum. It’s applied to my temple area where I first noticed the shrinkage. The liquid is clear and dries fast. It’s a clear liquid that dries quickly. No biggie.

What Progress Has Been Made?

Since I began using GRO Serum 5 months ago, I’ve been trying to figure out what is going on. The hair on my scalp is white. It’s hard to tell because the hair on my hairline is white (! It’s hard to tell. I tried taking pictures of myself, but the results were not helpful. I still feel little hairs growing on my temples and it doesn’t look as bad as before. Hair growth is more noticeable on the right than the left. However, there are some signs of progress on both sides.

The assistant who washes and blows dry my hair at Sassoon told me today that she could definitely see small new hairs on both sides! She snapped a few pictures for me. You can tell how badly the economy is doing on my left, and the photos are hideous. But what do you care?

I’m on my second Serum bottle. Subscribed to the service to receive a lower price. Also, I got a 20% discount on my initial purchase. It was only after I set up the subscription that I realized I had to choose a period. I was therefore surprised when another bottle arrived a month or so later. My current bottle is not yet half-full! Customer Service was extremely accommodating when I called. By September, when my next bottle arrives (I could delay this even further), I will have a better understanding of the growth rate.

What I have learned so far

My hair only got worse when I first started using Vegamour. It was a lucky thing that I got the first PR samples because it’s not cheap. Minoxidil costs less, I believe.

Fortunately I do not have to apply GRO Serum all over my head, or my crown. I therefore don’t go through it as quickly as other people.

What I perceive and sense so far is a growth I find encouraging. At least until the end of this year, when I reach my one-year mark. If I achieve the growth in hair I desire, then I must continue using the GRO serum or else my hair may revert back to its previous state. All hair products, including the lash serum, work in this way.

Should you give it a try? Sincerely, I don’t know. This is a big commitment. The cost is high. Results are not guaranteed. It’s a slow process, and not a simple fix. There’s also no guarantee it will work.

Hopeful, I will continue until the end of this year. In a few months, I will return to give another update.

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