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The beauty products I bought again in the past year are either already staples or on their way. They are here!

Beauty Tool

Cotton Pads I’ve purchased these rectangular organic cotton pads many times in the last few years. They are not only super-soft and do not pill, but their large size also makes them ideal for removing make-up. Now you can buy them at

Foreo LUNA 3 I am not sure whether this is a purchase since it’s an upgrade to my FOREO Luna, but it doesn’t matter. The mini is smaller and has more “teeth” of silicone. It was worth the price, even though I purchased it on sale.

Bath & Body

Hey Honey Propolis Heel & Foot Repair Cream This thick foot cream from Hey Honey is my favourite for softening and nourishing my feet. I do wish that it was available in a tube, however. I still bought two.

Pure Nilotica Melt I received the rich balm in a tube! I received this balm in my Ipsy Plus bag and I’ve since purchased it. This balm was used on my feet before I started using Hey Honey Walk the Walk. It’s also great for any dry areas of the body.

Ravish Soap Co. “Beach Please” Coconut & Sea Salt Soap. When I tried the gorgeous, natural handmade soap recommended by a blog subscriber who has been reading for a while, I couldn’t get enough suds from it. It is still the most gorgeous handmade soap that I’ve ever used or seen (it has tiny soap shells and glitter on top). The fact that I said I had trouble getting enough soap to form offended the person who suggested it. She unsubscribed from my email after we exchanged a friendly back-and-forth via which I sought her advice on how to make it work. It’s a very unfortunate thing. But I kept using the soap. I found that it started to lather better if I cut the bar in half, and then wore away the outer layer of soap with water. This beautiful soap was so good that I bought four more bars. It’s funny how things work out. The soap won’t be available again until spring/summer but there are plenty of nice soaps to choose from for this season.

Nature Island Botanicals Caribbean escape Body Butter and bar Soaps. I was disappointed that Daphne, the craftswoman behind handmade organic NIB body, bath and skincare products, decided to not return to Waterfront Festival Craft Fair in Gloucester, this year. I reordered from her my favorite products and had them shipped by Fedex. Her products I have been using for over 10 years. Daphne should not retire anytime soon.


City Beauty Lid Lifting Treatment You are probably tired of hearing me praise City Beauty Lid Lifting Treatment, which has been the most effective “spackle”, for my skin. So far, I have bought three of these products this year. Use my code NEVERSAYDIEBEAUTY to get 15% off any City Beauty product, even if there’s no sale.

PCA’s Skin Ideal Complex Revitalizing Gel Before I found City Beauty Lid Lifting Treatment this was my favorite clear eye gel. They are waiting for me in my stash. I bought them on sale when they were $90 per tube. Lid Lifting Treatment is a better product and less expensive. However, I’ll use this gel on the other parts of my face around my eyes. It is an excellent eye cream. It’s also great at preventing milia. is offering a 25% discount with the code HOLIDAYS.

CeraVe Eye Rejuvenation Cream This affordable, white eye cream is available at the local drugstore. It’s great for your eye area. It’s great for my eyelids, undereyes and crows feet.

Derma E stem cell eye lifting treatment is another excellent anti-wrinkle, firming eye cream. This one I use in the same manner as the CeraVe. Both are great.

City Beauty upLift firming serum I like this liquid-gel serum that comes in a dropper bottle. It helps to tighten the skin around my jawline. It works great on its own, but it’s best used in conjunction with City Beauty Multi-Action Sculpting Cream.

City Beauty City lips: The lip plumping gel contains collagen and Hyaluronic Acid instead of peppermint Oil, which is a dreaded ingredient. It keeps my lips moisturised and repaired after using drying lipsticks while adding a bit of plump. It’s been at least five years since I started using it, and my lips do seem fuller.

Health & Beauty

Blue Light Defender Gummies I’m not sure if this product is working. Protecting my eyes against the blue light that is emitted from my computer, iPhone and laptop. The reason I purchased more is because they are delicious. I should probably just get some blue-light blocking sunglasses!

Vegamour’s Lovestruck Gummies for Thinned Hair I absolutely love the strawberry 5000mg biotin gummies in heart shape from Vegamour. They are meant to promote hair growth, but they have also helped my nails. The gummies, as well as everything else available on ‘s Vegamour site are currently 25% off using the code “New22“.


Credit: Vegamour


Charlotte Tilbury’s Eyes to Mesmerize Cream Shadow in shade Champagne : CT creamshadow is my favourite cream eyeshadow, because it’s so easy to use. The cream shadow doesn’t get stiff and hard, like MAC Paint Pots or ColourPop. They could have added some other shades to CT’s usual gold, rose-gold, and pink colors. But CT sticks with her brand color palette. It’s okay.

Milk Makeup’s Kush Mascara. Previously, I only used mascaras to lengthen my lashes. Milk Makeup has made me appreciate adding volume. It’s my current favorite volumizing mascara. When I buy mascara, I try to get mini versions so I don’t have to throw them away after three months.

Half Caked Totally Tubular Mascara I bought a new tube of Half Cake Totally Tubular Mascara. I chose one that has a different shaped wand, which I will be reviewing separately. It was a total surprise that I loved Totally Tubular Mascara. I had always been grossed out at how many tubes would fall off of my lashes after I took other tube mascaras like Lancome or others. The Half-Caked Totally Tubular mascara is an easy way to lengthen your lashes. When I take it off, the mascara melts just like normal mascara. No tube to be seen! Since I am a member of Prime, I purchased mine from Amazon. Shipping was free despite the fact that the mascara cost an extra $2.

Butter London Lip Crayon, Teddy Boy. When I bought the wonderful Lip Crayon from Butter London in this great everyday pink-mauve shade Teddy Boy earlier in the year, it was the last in existence. It’s a boo hoo. Butter London stopped selling this super-soft crayon with sharpener a few years back. I’ve bought at least 4 or 5. But sometimes, even the best things have to end.

Nails & Hair

One of my favorites discoveries in 2021 was Mani System . It has me hooked, line and sinker. O&J is the only polish that lasts as long as my O&J.

Olive and June Nail Polish remover pot: This small foam-lined container of non-acetone nail polish remover is my favorite. It removes O&J nail polish without acetone. The product is easy to use.

Olive and June Cuticle Conditioner Wand: I’m not very good at remembering cuticle cream every night. I prefer to use the easy-to-apply wand that comes with cuticle conditioner. The foam tip makes it easy to apply the cuticle conditioner. It works.

Olive & June: I’ve bought a number of mini and full-size polishes. The long-lasting polishes are my favorite.

The JOICO Luster-Lock Hair Color Therapy Treatment is This rich conditioner has been used and purchased for many years. This treatment works wonders on my thick, coarse hair.


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