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Dona Jo Athleisure Clothing will elevate your workout wardrobe

I’ve been exercising every day for years, even though I admit I fell off lately. In my adult years, I’ve primarily been an avid jogger. After more than forty years of jogging, trotting, and walking, I’m no longer a runner. My exercise regimen has been expanded to include fast walking, bicycling, hiking and other activities.

Exercise clothes are necessary for exercising. In the majority of these years I bought whatever I could on sale – running shorts, tights and lightweight t-shirts to warm long-sleeved shirts. I rarely matched. I didn’t care.

Over the last few years I’ve been trying to put some sort of outfit together for exercise. Imagine my joy when Dona Jo a brand that specializes in athleisure and workout apparel, asked me to test some of their products!

Dona Jo Story

Dona Jo Athleisure Clothing will elevate your workout wardrobe

When I wanted to know more about Dona Jo Brand, I did some research. This is what I found:

Our core values are a healthy, active lifestyle. Ashley and Raphael, the co-owners of our company, have always loved sports. Both Ashley and Raphael played Division I athletics for Florida Gulf Coast University.

Dona Jo is the result of an adventure trip Raphael took to his hometown in Brasilia. They wanted to combine the vibrant colors and patterns of activewear with functionality and comfort. It was important not only to create a great product, but also for empowering individuals who could be creative.

It is not surprising that the Dona Jo clothing is manufactured in Brazil. About 30 years ago, I went to Brazil (OMG!) It is an amazing country, with wonderful people. Since I moved to Massachusetts in 1998, I have met many Brazilians and become friends with them. They came here because they couldn’t find work back home. It’s great that Ashley and Raphael have Brazilians working in their home country.

Dona Jo Apparel

Dona Jo Athleisure Clothing will elevate your workout wardrobe Dona Jo Athleisure Clothing will elevate your workout wardrobe

Dona Jo primarily sells women’s clothing and accessories. However, there are also men’s T-shirts and polo shirts in lightweight tech fabric, as well as shorts and tennis racquets.

Women can choose from a wide range of sports, fitness, and leisure clothing.

  • tops: short sleeve tops, polo shirts, long sleeve tops, tank tops, sherpa fabric vests
  • Bottoms include leggings and capris of different styles, as well as skirts and leggings.
  • Sleeveless dresses
  • Warm-up Jackets and Sherpa Quarter-Zip Tops
  • Sports bras
  • swimwear.

A lot of these items are UV protected! The majority of the items are made with a lightweight, high-tech nylon fabric that is durable, flexible, and 4-way stretchable.

The sizes range from small to extra large. I find it a bit confusing that some of the clothing is available in Small/Medium or Medium/Large sizes. Since I’m usually a medium, I have no idea whether I should go for S/M. Hmmm.

Donajo Workout Clothing

I was given a set amount to spend at Dona Jo’s website. It was not surprising that I headed straight to the sale section so that I could save more money. There are apparels for tennis, pickleball and golf as well as running, cycling, indoor and outdoor exercising, and kayaking. I selected apparel for my sport: jogging.


Two long-sleeve Endurance shirts were ordered, one black and the other in a beautiful blue color called Oceano. The style is cute with the small flare at the bottom side seam because of the dips on the front and the back.

In the bottoms department, I bought two pairs each of Navy Blue and Black . As I’m only 5ft tall, the capris I bought were almost full length on me. Running Crop Capris feature a hidden, handy key pocket on the rear waistline.

If I’d known, I probably would have bought the Jojo Running Capris, which have a large pocket for a phone. I carry an iPhone with me when I run. The Running Crop Capris also have UV protection, just like the Endurance Tops.

The size medium was requested for all four pieces. Endurance Tops size 1.5/Medium fitted perfectly. Running Crop Capris, size 1.5/Medium fit me well and almost but not exactly full length. The waistline could be even more comfortable if I dropped a few pounds. They are still comfortable.

These 4 lightweight pieces are perfect for spring and autumn on their own. They will work well as base pieces under warmer clothing this winter.

Dona Jo Athleisure Clothing will elevate your workout wardrobe Dona Jo Athleisure Clothing will elevate your workout wardrobe


Jeff and I ride our bikes in random clothing, so I thought I might as well get myself some cycling clothes. Dona Jo does not have padded shorts for bikes, but I thought that their stretchy, lightweight shorts would be perfect. Unfortunately, I did not get the shorts I wanted because they were sold out. It’s too bad, because I only ordered one print product and the prints were super cute.

The Court Polo Navy, a soft, cotton navy blue collared shirt, was available, so I ordered it.

The polo shirt I received was a Small/Medium, even though my order stated Medium. Now, the site shows Small and medium as separate sizes. The fit is snug, but the shirt fits. It would have been more comfortable and roomier on a warm day if I had ordered a Medium/Large. It’s comfortable and cute. The styling is perfect for wearing as a top casual with jeans or shorts.

Shopping Dona Jo

Dona Jo apparel is available at the Dona Jo website as well as some retailers. As I am writing this review they are having a 30% discount on all tops, including free shipping. Check it out, I think there’ll be more sales until Christmas.

The Dona Jo website has some adorable prints and jackets that I would love to own. I will be keeping an eye out for any sales!

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