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Olive and June Mani System and Palette Review

Five days have passed since my first Olive & June manicure. Every day I’ve added another layer of Super Glossy Topcoat, but I didn’t do that today because I normally apply it at night.

The tipwear is minimal and I’ve had no chips in 5 days.

Olive and June Mani System and Palette Review

That’s unbelievable to me. By day 3, I’ve got significant chipping and tip wear with all but salon manicures. Olive and June has exceeded my expectations so far. The mani will last as long as I can keep it.

It would have been nice to buy another color or two with the Mani System Dry Drops. The Summer Minis Set comes in a 0.22 fl. oz. size and includes 7 shades of nail polish and a Super Glossy Top Coat. oz. Sizes and CV, another full-size polish in cherry red.

Olive and June is a real game changer. I want to thank everyone who purchased the Olive and June Mani System using my affiliate link. Sorry that I did not have a code for last week. My friends can use the referral code I generated when I opened an Olive and Juni account to get 20% off any Mani System. If you decide you want to take the plunge, you can save 20% off of any System (and I will get a free polish) if you use my referral code: http://fbuy.me/v/allison_15197 Again, I am sorry that I didn’t get the discount code sooner.

Win Half Caked Palette Giveaway

Dana R! Congrats, Dana!

The winner has been contacted via email. I hope to hear from her as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for more exciting giveaways! Thanks for taking part!

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