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Review of Essie Expressie’s ‘In the Time Zone’ Fast-Drying Nail Polish

In spring and summer I spend a lot of time gardening. I spend so much time in the garden, i.e. This includes going to the salon and doing it yourself. However, I still like to polish my nails every now and then.

Thus, Essie Expressie Quick Dry Nail Polish has become my BFF of nail polishes. The nail polish dries in less than a minute. It does not only require no base or topcoat but they are also contraindicated. This means you can do a manicure in under 5 minutes. If I spend only 5 minutes on my nails, it’s no problem for me to remove the polish and start again with a different shade after I have done some gardening.

The brush is another key feature of Expressie. The brush is wide, slightly angled and has a nice width. Even for someone like myself who is a complete klutz, it makes nail polishing a breeze.

The Extrabucks I had were due to expire today. I needed to buy a new prescription from CVS. I thought a pastel spring/summer pink for my short nails would be perfect. The shade I chose was “In the Time Zone”, 200. It is a light, cool pink with blue undertones. The cost was $5, which I think is a bargain for such an efficient time-saver.

Essie Expressie might not be as unique and diverse as the independent polish brands I like, but its ease of use is unmatched.

You can buy it at many drugstores, including Target and Ulta. Regular price for a bottle is $9.

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