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Beyond Moisturizer: The Key to Truly Hydrated Skin

The nurse practitioner informed me at my six-month physical, two weeks prior, that both she and my doctor primary were concerned by the low result of my blood test which measures kidney function. I told her that I did not take a large amount of analgesics. She asked me if I stayed hydrated and I replied no.

Beyond Moisturizer: The Key to Truly Hydrated Skin

It’s not clear why I don’t drink much water, or other beverages. I usually drink one cup of tea in the morning and a glass of lemonade at dinner. Before bed, I also take my sleeping pills with a glass of water. That’s it. I only drink 20 ounces a day if you include the coffee. The majority of the time, I don’t feel thirsty so I rarely think to drink. If I’m biking or hiking for a distance I will drink water. I bring it along with me. After jogging I don’t think to have a glass water at home. It’s not my favorite thing.

I was told by the nurse practitioner to increase my drinking and return in about a week for another blood test, as well as a urine analysis. Ugh. This caught my eye. I did not want to be on the wrong track or end up in kidney disease.

Then I put my water bottles to good use. In a recent review on ThinkSport sunscreen, I talked about my ThinkSport Insulated Water Bottle. It’s also non-toxic, eco-friendly and made from recyclable materials. The double-walled, BPA-free bottle is also made of plastic. This thermos is my favourite because the water stays colder and tastes better. The mesh screen is easily removed if you wish to add some fruit to your water. This is something I must try! There are larger sizes that can hold up to 17 and 25 oz. It’s good to know that the 12 oz. size is available. The size I own fits in the bike bottle holder. They come in many colors, including purple. is currently offering 20% off and the prices are excellent for 25 oz. Silver/Stainless is $15.99. Vitacost also comes at very low prices. You can also find them on the ThinkSport site, where they come in a variety of colors and patterns. Amazon offers 10 colors.

At home I always use the plastic cup that came with a straw and lid. It’s been in my possession for years. The logo on the front is so faded that I cannot read it. It’s been so long since I bought it that I can’t remember. This is a cheap promotional item I received several years back when I moderated focus groups. This cup may have phthalates or BPA in it. I’ve started to upgrade this product. The lid and straw will be similar, but I’ll look for something better. Amazon has a number of contenders. It’s time to choose between silicon protected glass or BPA free plastic. Plastic is the winner.

Last year, at Costco, I purchased a three-piece set of plastic bottles that I can carry when hiking or cycling. One of the bottles has already been lost. They are lightweight and don’t weigh much when you carry them in your hiking pack.

It is my goal to carry water bottles with me at all times. It’s just a matter of remembering to drink the water!

I was reminded by the nurse practitioner that it is important to consume 6-8 glasses of water each day. That’s 48-64 ounces. It’s a lot. I doubt I will reach that goal. Two weeks after trying to increase my water intake to 32 ounces or more, I returned to the doctor a few days ago for another blood test. This time, my blood test result was within the range of normal. Whew! Now I wasn’t dehydrated. It’s time to continue this for the rest of my life.

It will be interesting to find out if I can get any other health benefits besides keeping my kidneys in good shape. All this water might help my dry skin and lips.

You probably already knew this, and so did I. Here’s just in case you forgot!

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