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Do not miss April Cornell’s end-of-season sale

My friend K and myself were eating at a Thai restaurant when I told her that I’d just purchased a few things from the April Cornell site. She was shocked that I liked April Cornell, or some such thing. She’s right. I rarely wear traditional clothing or patterns. April Cornell’s designs are beautiful, but some remind me of fabrics in Provence.

The two pieces I ordered arrived and have been worn quite often. Since the website has more sales, including a big sale for holiday items I wanted to show you the things I purchased in case there are any Floral Design fans amongst the NSDB readers.

The April Cornell Spring Collection

Do not miss April Cornell's end-of-season sale

This yellow floral print shirt – Deanna Jersey Blouse really spoke to my heart. It’s my favorite. The print is gorgeous. I like the pastel colors.

It was also different to other tops that I have worn. The sleeves were elbow-length, which is a style not seen on many of my previous outfits. Since I do not have a picture of myself wearing this top, and because I am no stylist in the world, I will show you a model April Cornell wearing it.

Do not miss April Cornell's end-of-season sale

After I decided on a top, an Angel Sweater cotton sweater caught my attention. The three-quarter sleeves were also a big hit. The cardigan was unlike anything I have. It was a minty green color that went well with my yellow floral blouse.

The two pieces arrived and I realized I could pair them with the summer pants I had bought a few years earlier, one mint green and the other apricot. Great!

The top matches the purse that I purchased at Peabody Essex Museum in spring.

Buy Home Products

There are a lot of items on sale now. Items for the holidays are heavily discounted.


photo credit: April Cornell

Although I’m tempted by two April Cornell tea towel sets – Tulip Dance Bath Towel Set and a Flora Honeycomb BathTowel , I try to resist and avoid spending any money. It’s very tempting.

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