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Heat Holders Keep You Worm

Temperatures have fluctuated all fall in Massachusetts, north of Boston. Although we have not had too many days below 30 degrees, the cold still feels raw. Due to this, I’ve had many occasions where I needed the heat holders.

Heat Holders Clothing and Accessories

Heat Holders Keep You Worm

Last year I reviewed my Heat Holders hat, socks and gloves. I’m happy to say that I got to expand my collection. As I am outdoors a lot, keeping warm is very important for me. To keep warm while keeping your thermostat low, you can wear layers of clothing or put on warmer clothes.

This year I was given a Thermal Underwear Top and two pairs of Slipper Socks.

Heat Holders Lite Underwear

Heat Holders Keep You Worm

It seems that something got lost in the translation. (Just kidding, HH’s is a US company.) I was sent a men’s medium size instead of HH’s Women’s Medium Lite thermal underwear.

The Men’s shirt is slightly roomier, and its sleeves are about an inch too long. Rolling the sleeves up is a simple solution. I also wear an extra base layer underneath the top when it’s really cold.

The Base Layer Top in black is what I’m wearing right now. I feel very cozy. The three different weights of thermal underwear are available for men and women.

  • Warm Ultra Lite
  • Warmer
  • Original: warmest.

It’s exactly what I wanted. I got the Lite/warmer, which was described as “medium-weight warmth for extremely cold days”. I am very pleased. The fleece is lined by Heat Holder, so the top feels soft and cozy against my skin. It’s a top that I wear in my house. I do not need to put on a sweater when I have the heat set at 68 degrees. It will work well under my lighter parka on days when the temperatures are in the 40s-50s. When we go snowshoeing, on real winter days I’ll wear this with a base layer of nylon/polyester underneath. Or I may add another layer over the top.

Both are priced at $34.99. The men’s thermal underwear base layer tops comes in Black and Iron Grey. While the women’s tops is available in Black and Winter White. The price of both is $34.99. The prices are very reasonable compared to those of other brands!

Heat Holders Slipper Socks

Heat Holders Keep You Worm Heat Holders Keep You Worm

Two pairs of Women’s Ankle Slipper Socks were sent to me: One pair had grips at the bottom, and another pair did not.

  • Women’s Iris Twist Thermal Slipper Socks have a soft, cozy fleece lining that makes them the warmest and coziest slipper socks. The ankle-length slipper socks are perfect for wearing around the home with tights or jeans. The socks are available in three colors for $13.99. These women’s shoes fit sizes 5-9.
  • Women’s Ankle Socks also have a brushed fleece lining. The back of the card describes these Ankle Slippers as “good for relaxing around the house”, but they appear on the site under the category socks. These warm and cozy ankle socks without grips can be worn under your boots, as bed socks or even under tights when it’s cold, especially if you are wearing snow pants, hiking pants, or other winter clothing. These ankle socks are available in seven colors and also come in sizes for women 5-9. They cost $11.99.

Additional Information

The Heat Holders clothing and accessories for cold weather are available in men’s, women’s and children sizes. Also, they make blankets. Heat Holders products would be great for holiday stockings and gifts.

Shop on the website. Right now, you can get 20% off Heat Holders by using code THANKS during checkout.

A variety of HH products can be purchased at retailers like Macy’s Target Kohl’s etc., via Amazon or Pop-Up Stores. The Pop-up Store is in Massachusetts but I have to travel through Boston or the South Shore to reach it. Boo!

Then I’ll check Heat Holders at Macy’s, Kohl’s and Target. They have Cyber Monday sales on the HH and Rakuten offers a 12% Cash Back!

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