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Yet Dangerous Platform Sandals

Each summer I buy a new pair of shoes. This year, I purchased a pair of new sandals despite skipping last year. They were on Saks’s website, I believe. Naturally, I saw an advertisement on Facebook.

Yet Dangerous Platform Sandals

My mother called these pink, high-platform sandals “hopsacks”. Lucky Brand was the brand. When they arrived at the door, I wore them all around my house. They were very comfortable.

Four of my close friends and myself went to Essex MA for dinner on Tuesday evening. Essex, despite not being on the coast, was known for its boat building industry. The picturesque, beautiful wetlands and the river connect it to the nearby Atlantic Ocean town of Gloucester.

Yet Dangerous Platform Sandals

C.K. It was hot and sunny that night. It would have been nice to take some pictures of our wonderful time and the beautiful scenery. Here’s another photo that shows a part of The Great Marsh, taken in October 2019. It goes with the photos above.

This summer I have worn a lot blue, but I chose to wear pink on Tuesday. The new platform pink sandals went with the hot pink jeans and gray top decorated with pinks, oranges, and greens. I also wore a 3/4-sleeve peach cardigan just in case the weather got chilly after sundown.

Yet Dangerous Platform Sandals

It was a great time. We had a great time. We will definitely try to meet up again next August, since we had such a great time.

After I arrived home at around 10pm I probably should have changed into new clothes, and definitely my shoes. It was still too early to prepare for bed for someone who is a night-owl. And it didn’t seem right to do it twice. The clothes that I had worn for the evening remained on.

Yet Dangerous Platform Sandals

After that, I went outside to see the orange moon created by smoke from fires in the west. The solar lights I had in front of my house, which illuminated my pear trees, needed to be moved. After opening the door I turned to the side and took a step down on the landing mat. My platform sandals were unstable for some strange reason on the landing mat. It was about a 6-inch step. My ankle twisted and I fell over. Unluckily, I could not grab onto anything and saw myself in slow-motion flying through the sky. After that, I landed on the concrete steps and bounded down to the sidewalk. It was quite a shock. There was no one around, except for two teenagers across the street going to the front of their home. In the darkness, they didn’t see me. Then I crawled to the top of the stairs and entered the house. My long, pink jeans protected me from scuffing my skin on the concrete steps as I fell. My ankle was hurting and I had bruises, but there was no bleeding. I assumed I was okay.

After a couple of hours, my foot still hurt when I touched the summer blanket and sheet. After I woke in the morning I realized I wouldn’t be able take the train into Boston to color my hair. After canceling my appointment I called my doctor to ask a nurse what to do with my foot. After a few minutes, I called a friend who knows a lot about healthcare. Unfortunately, nobody answered. She recommended that I visit the Urgent care facility, which is part of the group’s medical practice. This made perfect sense to me. A second friend has agreed to take me.

This long story can be shortened by saying that I am suffering from a couple of painful bruises which will hopefully disappear soon. The radiologist took xrays and determined that the ankle was fine, but I had a fracture in one of the metatarsals at the top of the foot. No big deal, right? It was a given that I wouldn’t be able jog in a few weeks. I asked if riding my bicycle would be okay. The NPR surprised me when she told me to wear a boot on my foot for 4-6 weeks. WHAT???? What? The injury also affects my right foot which is the foot I use most for driving. The orthopedist will examine me and determine what the best course of action is.

In the meantime, I’ve put my adorable 3-4-inch high platform sandals away. After this experience, I’m not sure if I will wear them again. It was great to have a 5’4″ height for a while!

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