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NEST NY Give Me A Surprise Gift

Ancient History

The benefits of membership are many. When I was working at Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, in New York, decades ago this tagline represented American Express. O&M created a stylish ad for AMEX using photographs taken by Annie Leibowitz, a famous photographer. This was an amazing campaign, which is still relevant today.

My first American Express Green Card was issued in the middle of 1980s, when I worked at Young & Rubicam, my former advertising agency. Prior to that I did not have a charge card. No one would have ever given me a charge card. My first professional job was at Y&R. The American Express card was necessary for me to rent a car, pay hotel and flight charges on my business trips. What a grown-up!

Membership Privileges

NEST NY Give Me A Surprise Gift

In order to enjoy the benefits that a more expensive, and supposedly more prestigious, card would bring, as the years went by I upgraded from a Silver Card to a gold Card, and finally to a platinum Card. American Express was my travel agent when I quit the world of advertising to become a moderator for focus groups. I find it almost comical to think that people used to book my flights and hotel rooms for me, instead of spending hours on the internet. As an AMEX Platinum Card holder, the best thing about being able to visit the Centurion Lounge at certain airports was the free manicure or meal with champagne. The Centurion lounge was my stopover when I flew through Dallas to San Antonio, Riverside CA or vice versa. I’d get a manicure for free or enjoy a meal and champagne with a beautiful view. This was a truly luxurious experience.

When COVID struck and I stopped traveling and working, I upgraded from the expensive Platinum Card to a more affordable Gold Card. Frankly I probably should have gone back down to the Green Card entry-level, but couldn’t bring myself to do so!

Gifts from AMEX New York and NEST

NEST NY Give Me A Surprise Gift

The Gold Card is no longer of any benefit to me. It used to be that I got a set number of checked bags for free on the airline I chose, but I have forgotten about this. It’s probably worth checking to see if that offer is still available.

American Express sent me an envelope with a navy blue design a few weeks back. They were probably trying to convince me to upgrade to the Platinum Card. Imagine my surprise to discover that I was given a $50 Gift Card/Code for NEST New York.

Fragrance Fans will love NEST New York

NEST NY Give Me A Surprise Gift

Laura Slatkin is the founder of NEST New York. She’s a fragrance expert known for her superior taste in scented products. NEST produces candles, diffusers and eau de Parfum, as well as body wash, liquid soap and hand lotion.

These products are

  • Formaldehyde free
  • Paraben free
  • Free of Phthalates
  • Leaping Bunny certified and cruelty free.

NEST NY caught my attention because of their eye-catching packaging. Naturally, I tried them all at Sephora. Unfortunately, floral scents aren’t for me. However, many people do love them.

Although I’d love to have a few beautiful candles in my home, I need liquid hand soap and hand lotion at the sink.

Moroccan Amber

One scent stood out to me when I was looking through the wonderful fragrances of the liquid soap or hand lotion. It’s not a surprise. Moroccan Amber is a given. The set arrived Saturday after I placed my order on Thursday.

NEST NY Moroccan Amber is a scent that can be used by both men and women. Liquid Soap or Hand Lotion would work well at the sink in your kitchen or bathroom. Moroccan amber is the main fragrance note, followed by sweet patchouli and heliotrope with a touch of eucalyptus. Moroccan Amber comes from the Woody Amber fragrance family.

Since they arrived, I have been using the Moroccan Amber Liquid soap as well as the hand lotion. The liquid soap is very lathering. The amber scent is left behind. The hand lotion has a Moroccan Amber fragrance that is not only uplifting but also hydrating. It’s non-greasy and lightweight. The scent fades over time, but it isn’t overwhelming. Moroccan Amber is a great addition to the majority of perfumes I wear, especially during the winter and fall. This is a wonderful gift.

liquid soap is available in 16 different scents including florals, fruits, holiday scents and clean scents. The 10 fl. The pump bottle contains 10 fl. Hand lotion is available in five scents. The Lotion Pump Bottle contains the same amount of lotion (10 fl. The Lotion pump bottle contains 10 fl. The product in each bottle is equivalent to 600 pumps. NEST NY also makes custom-scented lotion/soap sets. However, they are more expensive.

Thank you, American Express. Thank you for my wonderful gift. I really appreciate it.

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