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New York’s Finest Scent Oils

ZENT New York sent me two luxury scents for diffusers before Jeff’s recent health problems. Since I got them two months ago, Scent New York is now ZENT New York. Even though the photos I took say ZENT but it’s Scent New York.

New York, an ambient fragrance design company located in Brooklyn NY. They have a mission called “Space Scenting”. Their tagline is: “Make your house smell like a luxury hotel”. This is a great idea. One of the scents they have is Westin White Tea, which was inspired by the scent that Westin Hotels created to fragrance their lobby and amenities.

New York Diffusers ZENT/Scent

New York's Finest Scent Oils

Scent New York has innovative and stylish diffusers, which I’ve never used myself. They look as if they would fit in either a minimalist luxury apartment or a New York Hotel. They have portable diffusers you can take from one room to another, as well as a slim, metallic Tower Diffuser. A built-in air fan in the ZENT-100 diffuses fragrance oils across a 1000-square-foot room. Air Scentral is a powerful device that will scent an entire house or office up to 4000 square feet. ft! These guys are amazing.

ZENT/Scent New York Aroma Oils

The fragrance oils that they offer are made from premium natural ingredients.

Their scent oils differ from those small bottles I buy in the health foods store. The bottles themselves are larger. There are three different sizes.

  • 4 fl. oz./120 ml
  • 8 fl. oz./240 ml
  • 16 fl. oz./480 ml.

Scent New York bottles are 4-8 times larger than most essential oils. You need more Scent New York oil to fragrance a whole house, or even a room.

The aroma oils do not have a single note, but rather fragrances that include top, middle, and base notes. There are several different “collections”.

  • Hotel
  • Fresh
  • Calming
  • Floral
  • Perfume Aroma.

Select The Scent Oils

Choose two different scents oils

  • Paradise
  • Vanilla Bean.


Paradise from the Hotel Collection was inspired by Ritz Hotels. When I worked as an advertising consultant, or more recently, when I traveled extensively for my job and to moderate focus groups, I had the good fortune to occasionally stay in Ritz hotels. It was a real treat. This was one of my main reasons for choosing Paradise.

Paradise Aroma Oil:

The combination of tea with light, fresh and energizing notes will give you a boost in your mundane day. Thyme’s lemony, warm and inviting tang combined with the floral sweetness of Jasmine give this tea a sexy musky kick !”

Top note: Bergamote, Lemon Tea & Thyme
Mid note: Rose petals, jasmine petals and tea leaves
Base Note: Sandalwood, amber, musk

Bergamot is also my favorite base note.

When I finally used Paradise I had forgotten the formula and description. Paradise’s name led me to expect a tropical, floral scent. It’s a true tea/bergamot fragrance. This is a fresh, sophisticated scent. It’s my favorite daytime fragrance, but I’m diffusing it now, at 10pm, and it still smells great. The 4 oz. bottle costs $32.99 size.

Vanilla Bean

When I’m stressed out, I inhale Vanilla Bean directly from the container. It’s not surprising that it comes from the Calming Collection. The scent is absolutely delicious and almost immediately makes me feel much better.

It’s not a gourmand fragrance, even though it says Vanilla Bean. It’s vanilla with flowers. It’s lovely.

This is the description of the site:


Top Note: Vanilla, coconut
Middle Note: Narcissis
Base Note: Black fragrant beans, sandalwood, ambergris

New York's Finest Scent Oils

So, I was correct: Vanilla Bean contains vanilla with floral notes and some base notes. I adore it. $32.99.

Scent New York has so many more aroma oils that I would love to test. Scent New York sells diffusers, oils and other products on their website. is the place to go if you want to add something unusual in your diffuser, or if you are looking to create an elegant atmosphere in your business or home.

The only thing I would change is the dropper cap. This way, if I were to use it with a room diffuser as I do, I could control the amount of oil that comes out.

Then I’m a fan!


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