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Pacas Alpaca Socks – The Royal Socks That Are Itch Free

These days, I spend a lot more time outdoors. It’s important to me that my feet stay warm during cold weather. My skin is sensitive to traditional wool, which can be itchy. My skin can’t stand traditional wool. I prefer angora, cashmere and merino.

Jeff purchased me an alpaca-yarn winter hat at Topsfield Fair a few years back. It is warm, soft and it’s not itchy at all.

The siren song on Facebook has me as usual. On my news feed, I came across an advertisement with a cute alpaca. I adore alpacas, llamas and other animals. Alpacas, llamas and other animals live on a farm that is near the hiking trail I frequent. I see them every time I drive past. Before it becomes too cold for me (but not them), I plan to visit the alpacas and llamas. We always stop to see the alpacas at Topsfield Fair. Unfortunately, we did not this year due to the flu pandemic.

Pacas Alpaca Socks - The Royal Socks That Are Itch Free

The FB ad featuring the adorable alpaca made me stop to read the message. Pacas is the name of this brand. The Incas valued alpaca fur highly. Pacas says that Incas Peruvians valued alpaca fleece more than gold. Alpaca clothing was only worn by Inca royalty.

Pacas was founded by people who were searching for more comfortable socks to provide to children at the local pediatric cancer hospitals. Alpaca was selected after comparing a variety of materials. The company continues to donate a portion of its profits so that children in different hospitals can be outfitted with Pacas sock to ensure their comfort. Currently, Pacas is sending socks to children at Children’s Hospital in Chicago.

Pacas calls their socks “buttery-soft”, and they’re very comfortable and soft. The socks aren’t as bulky and thick as wool, but are still very warm. Even at the toes there are no irritating seams. The socks are comfortable with boots, as they’re warm and cushiony and don’t make my feet sweat.

Alpaca fibres differ from wool of sheep because they have a hollow center. The hollow core of the fibers allows them to be warmer because they can trap more heat. Hollow fibers also wick moisture better, which is why alpaca socks don’t cause sweaty feet.

Pacas Alpaca Socks - The Royal Socks That Are Itch Free

These socks have a combination of natural alpaca, acrylic, nylon, and spandex to ensure a great fit. These additional fibers allow the socks to stretch and fit like a perfect glove. The crew socks also stay in place even while hiking through the forest.

Pacas offers both low-cut socks and crew socks in sizes for malefemale and child. Also, they make throw blankets, wraps/shawls and super-soft scarves. They come in two-, three-, four and six packs. The socks come in packs of two, three, four or six. Some have the same colors while others are a combination. The neutral colors I selected were black, white grey and camel for the four-pack of Women’s Crew Socks.

They have branding: Pacas at the toes, and P on the crew socks. The socks also feature zigzag patterns near the top in different colours.

Pacas Alpaca Socks - The Royal Socks That Are Itch Free

There are two sizes of socks: medium/large/extra-large for men and women. Kids socks are available in youth and toddler sizes. Youth socks have a cute alpaca drawing on the upper part of the socks.

This is a closer look at the toes of the black socks that I wore yesterday. The toes seem a bit thicker. Even though there appears to be a seam in the toebox, this is not really a stitch, but perhaps a little extra reinforcement that’s soft and smooth.

Prices vary depending on the type of socks and size. Signing up for emails gave me 20% off when I purchased mine. The 4 pair set cost me $46 plus free shipping. That’s less than 12 dollars per pair. It was well worth it.

If you are looking for some nice holiday stocking fillers or comfy socks for cold weather, then check out Pacas. Check out the feed on their site to see cute pictures of alpacas.


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