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Upgrade Your Look with My Stylish New Brooklyn Hat Co

Hats are my thing. Since I was a child, I’ve loved and worn hats. Although I was born in the era when hats were a fashion staple, I do my best to bring them back. They come in many different styles. It seems like I’m always on the lookout for an excuse to put on a hat.

Upgrade Your Look with My Stylish New Brooklyn Hat Co

I must admit that when Tenth Street Hats asked me to review one of their hats, I couldn’t contain my excitement.

When I visited the website I was amazed at how many hats were available for men and women. There are so many styles to choose from, such as: Cloches, Panama Hats, Round Crowns, Floppy Hats, Fedoras and Caps are just a few of the hats available. There are many hats to choose from, including some brands I knew and others that I had never heard of.

After much thought, I decided to go with the Avignon Fedora by Brooklyn Hat Company. The Avignon is navy blue, which I didn’t know existed.

Arrived about a week after. When I arrived home, it was raining and the box was waiting for me on my front porch. It was raining when I got home, and the box was waiting on my doorstep. The shipping box was heavy and bubblewrap and tissue paper were used to protect the hat. It was also placed in a bag. It was dry, yay! A piece of rigid foam was used to protect the crown and band. Well done!

The quality of the hat was amazing once I took it out of the packaging. The hat is made of superior, soft and smooth wool felt. It’s the right weight for cooler weather. It is lined in a silky material with Brooklyn Hats Company’s logo and the Brooklyn Bridge woven or embossed into it.

Upgrade Your Look with My Stylish New Brooklyn Hat Co

The brim of the hat is flexible but stiff. It’s sewed into the crown. The band is brown burgundy and runs along the bottom of the crown. This detail was new to me, and it’s beautiful. This hat looks so good and is well-made.

The Avignon Fedora comes in one size, but other styles are available in various sizes. It was too large for my small size head.

The hat was too big when I tried it on. It had a ribbon that could be adjusted to my size sewn inside the band. Two thick foam pieces called sizing tap were also included with the package. These could be placed under the inner grosgrain sweatband to achieve a snugger fit. The sizing strips were originally placed on top of ribbon in the picture above, instead of beneath it. But after reading the instructions I changed them. I was stupid. The hat is perfect!

My new Brooklyn Hats Fedora is beautiful and will be worn for many years.

Tenth Street Hats Brooklyn Hat Company. Tenth Street Hats is in the business of hat making since 1921. They sell their hats online, despite promoting hats that are made in the traditional way. Brooklyn Hat Company started their business from a tiny studio near the Brooklyn Bridge in Williamsburg. Tenth Street, Brooklyn Hat Company’s official shop is located on Tenth Street.

Tenth Street Hats is a brand I’m curious about, so I looked at the reviews. It was shocking to see 24 reviews from just 2019! The customer service is often praised in reviews for its helpfulness, whether it was to help choose the right hat or exchange or return one. The guarantee is excellent: “…a hassle-free 30-day return or exchange as well as one-year workmanship guarantee on their hats. We’ll replace any damaged hat without charge within the first year.” Tenth Street is the perfect place to shop for men who love hats.

If you like hats or someone you know is fond of hats, you should check out Tenth Street Hats. They had a promotion for Black Friday where you could buy one and get another one free. It’s a great deal! It’s a great deal! I hope they continue it or offer something similar today for Cyber Monday.

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