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Discover Hermetica Amberbee

Scentbird: Discover Hermetica Amberbee

Since about seven years ago, I subscribe to Scentbird. Each year I receive 4 sample products. The purse sprays are supposed to last a full month. The price may have increased over time, but it is still around $17-20.

Discover Hermetica Amberbee

Scentbird’s brand selection has grown over the years. Scentbird now carries more independent brands. The vast majority of labels are celebrity, designer and mainstream. In general, there are enough interesting brands for me to keep my subscription.

My favorite scents are oriental and amber. Scentbird has a wide range of amber fragrances. I’ve tried them all and found some favorites.

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Hermetica Amberbee

This month, I chose Hermetica Amberbee. Amberbee was sent to me as a 30-day purse spray by Scentbird.

Before I placed my order, I had never heard of the Hermetica Paris brand. Amberbee was my choice because I wanted an amber fragrance. First, a few words about Amberbee.

Brand Hermetica Paris

Hermetica Paris has a fairly new name. Clara Molloy and John Molloy launched the brand in 2018. Its unique selling point is the fact that it hydrates while also smelling good. Since I’m not a fan of hydration, it is hard to understand why someone would want a fragrance that hydrates and spritzes all over their skin. Hey, it’s only me.

Hermetica also has “a collection molecular scents” according to Fragrantica. Since I’m being honest, I have no idea what a molecule fragrance is. Please let me know if you have any knowledge about molecular fragrances.

Hermetica’s website describes their work in this way:

This hydration secret is found in the new green molecule produced by a patent process using bagasse, a sugarcane stalk remnant from which juice was extracted. It’s a product that has been ethically and responsibly sourced. The formula is given a more sensorial feel by the green molecule, which acts as both a solvent and co-emulsifier. Skin is nourished and moisturized while being smooth. To create a velvety scent.

Hermetica’s fragrances have been designed to last a long time, be “clean”, free of alcohol, vegan, and animal-free. As a company that is committed to sustainability, Hermetica’s partner Planete Urgence plants a tree with every perfume sold through their website.

Hermetica Paris offers a wide range of scents. The website sells a Discovery Set that costs $30 and allows you to test out seven of the scents. The $30 will be credited towards the full-size purchase of one of the fragrances in the Discovery Set.


Hermetica has 4 amber scents. Amberbee has been described as being “sweet”. According to the website, it is “intensely wrapped with myrrh and illuminated by bergamot oils… warmed up with an amber accord”. This accord is made with caramel, precious woods and a mixture of bergamot oil.

Other fragrance notes are: leather, oud oil, sandalwood oil, moss and vanilla.

Fragrantica’s main accords are:

  • Amber
  • Powdery
  • Citrons
  • Woody
  • Fresh spicy

And I am in agreement with this list.

Amberbee is a busy bee, in a great way.

Hermetica Amberbee: My experience

Hermetica Amberbee is one of those fragrances I’ve been searching for. Hermetica Amberbee is the fragrance for me.

I find the fragrance to be quite sweet, strong and lasting. It’s good! The projection is good. The presence is definitely felt.

Amberbee has been described as gender-neutral, and I concur. Its masculine notes come from the precious woods, and overall power. The sweet amber gives it a feminine touch.

Hermetica Amberbee is a great choice if you love amber scents, and you struggle to find perfumes that will last. Amberbee’s spicy scent is perfect for the fall and winter.

Information about Retail

Amberbee can be purchased on Hermetica’s website and at Bluemercury as well as QVC, Full size bottles come in dark green with either 1.7 or 3.4 fl. oz. The price of oz. The price of 3.4 fl.

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