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Melt Cosmetics’ Slick Waterline Eye Pencil

A few years ago, a pencil-line of white along my waterline was a striking look. But I have moved past that sometimes jarring appearance. My waterline is also redder than my eyelids.

NYX may still have a flesh-tone pencil, but the one I used a long time ago was stiff and difficult to use along water.

Melt Cosmetics Smoothness

Melt Cosmetics' Slick Waterline Eye Pencil

Melt Gel Liners are something I use a lot. Over the last year, I purchased three: dark green and navy. The slant brushes make it easy to apply, they dry quickly, but give you enough time for a quick change, if needed, and the liners stay in place until removed. I think this is the perfect gel eyeliner.

Around New Year’s Day, Melt offered 40% off all products plus free shipping. (They usually charge $10) I thought this would be a great time to buy.

Melt Slick Waterline Eye Pencil


Melt Slick Waterline Pencil is available in four colours:

I purchased ivory,. It’s the perfect shade for me.

It’s so smooth and creamy, it makes it easy to apply it to the lower part of my waterline. There is no tugging! It stays put until I remove it. This is the best waterline pen I’ve ever used.

Regular price $19 but after 40% discount, it is only $11! Sale with 40% off and free shipping is still going on. It’s the perfect time to buy the Slick Waterline Pencil, the Gel Liners and anything else from Melt cosmetics.

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